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Two Big Pieces of News!

One for each of my series.

First, The Macy Blush Collection.

You may have noticed it earlier this week on social media several hours after An Unembellished Backstory: The Autobiography of Macy Blush was released, but…


You may be wondering who the two characters on the right of the placard are? Those would be Shank (Yes, the same lovable gnome rogue from Na’amah and Alatar’s story) and the human bard Tad Aufki. They’re the stars of the next book — Cantrip Love! Be sure to preorder it now for only 99 (US) cents, because when it’s released on 24 December 2021 it’ll be bumped up to US $1.50 due to its length. It’ll also be the first standalone book released as paperback and hardcover for the same reason!


Now for Allodasos and the big announcement that I’ve been itching to tell you for a couple weeks…

Book 2: Sinkhole and Book 3: Colorblind are up for preorder!

Yes, the wait is finally over after some editing and PC issues, now Eva’s story will continue!

Click here to pre-order Sinkhole and here for Colorblind. If you haven’t read the short stories yet, be sure to check them out and you’ll see references to them in Sinkhole and Colorblind!

Allodasos 1.1: “On the Nature of Gnats” (free with newsletter subscription)

Allodasos 1.2: “The Final Battle of the Third Sphere” (free at the Common Tongue magazine)

Allodasos 1.3: “An Eidolon, Named Night” (available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited)

Stay safe everybody and I hope you all have an excellent Halloween!

P.S. If you read any of my books and enjoyed, please consider rating/reviewing them on Amazon and Goodreads if you have an account. It makes a huge difference in making them be seen by readers who don’t already know who I am! The less activity a product has, the further down in the search results it comes up, that means I need consistent sales, ratings, and reviews to stay relevant.

And, as always, thank you so much for your support!