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A lifelong lover of all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy, B.S.Roberts devotes his time to the genre by reading, watching, listening to and, of course, creating everything that he possibly can. To break up the time, he also enjoys to paint with both oils and acrylics, draw with pencil and Sharpie, and take photography. When not indulging in magic, futuristic technology, paintings, or drawings, he makes a living as a museum curator and an administrative assistant at the University of Maine at Augusta. He also tends to be working on his degree in English. B.S.Roberts lives in Maine with his wife, daughter, silver pheasants, tortoise, and four cats.


0.1: Eva’s Exposition (self-published: 2021)

1: Gnats (DLG Publishing Partners, 2021).

1.1: “On the Nature of Gnats,” (self-published: 2021).

1.2: “The Final Battle of the Third Sphere,” in The Common Tongue, vol. 3 (Everliving Books Press: June 2021). pp40-53.

1.3: An Eidolon, Named Night (Nat 1 Publishing: October 2022).

2: Sinkhole (DLG Publishing Partners, 2021).

3: Colorblind (DLG Publishing Partners, 2021).

4: Stoneface (DLG Publishing Partners, 2022).

The Macy Blush Collection

The Wizard’s Staff: A Spellbinding Romance (Nat 1 Publishing, 2021).

The Wizard’s Tower: A Spellblinding Sequel (Nat 1 Publishing, 2021).

The Wizard’s Package: A Spellbinding Anthology (Nat 1 Publishing, 2021).

An Unembellished Backstory: The Brief Autobiography of Macy Blush (Nat 1 Publishing, 2021).

Cantrip Love: An Amorous Adventure (Nat 1 Publishing, 2021).

Quickies With Macy Blush (Nat 1 Publishing, 2021).

Dwarven Fetishes: Culture Shock in the Bottlegrip Clan Halls (Nat 1 Publishing, 2022).

Legend Lore: Macy Blush, Vol. 1 (Nat 1 Publishing, 2022).

Coming soon!! Warding Bond: A Haunting Reverse Harem (Nat 1 Publishing, 2024).

Short Fiction

Modern Dating,” in LEON: Literary Review, vol. 11 (1 December 2021).

A Division,” on 50-Word Stories (11 October 2021).

First Contact,” on 101 Words (2 February 2021).

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[_______________, on “Penny Fiction 2020: 20 Lovely Words” poster. Haunted Waters Press: 2020.]

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Morning Air,” on 50-Word Stories (21 September 2020).

Reach for the Stars” (self-published; 10 September 2020).

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Hitting the sack: Does striking a bag effectively diminish fatigue and its effects? An idiom examined,” (unpublished: 2020).
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27916.13449

Molly Ockett as a Folkloric Figure, Online Master’s Dissertation (2020).
Presented by ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Hamlin Hall: The Artifacts of the Hamlin Memorial Library & Museum (Hamlin Memorial Library & Museum: 2018).

“ME40: The Mars Hill ‘International’ Airport,” in Stories From the Heart of the County (Central Aroostook Historical Society: 2018). pp122-126.


“A Sensible Calling,” by Sue Melcher in Memories of Maine, Western Maine Edition, Winter 2017.

Rejection Counter

Getting published is difficult – every editor going through slush piles are looking for something different and every publisher has their own standards for what is or is not acceptable. One mark of a writer is accumulating many, many, many rejection notices, so, taking a cue from some of my favorite authors, here’s my ongoing rejection counter!

368 submissions;
79 works

Since July 2018.