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The Wizard’s Tower

Hear ye, hear ye: The Wizard’s Tower has been released!

That’s right, the much-awaited sequel to the The Wizard’s Staff has been released. After several months of anticipation, you can at last read the conclusion of Na’amah’s love story! You can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited or download it for 99 cents on Amazon.

But wait, there’s more!

Are you one of those people who have been sitting on the fence for the past three months trying to decide if you really wanted to read them or not? Well, I have some good news for you, my dear procrastinator… The Wizard’s Staff is FREE this weekend to celebrate the release of its conclusion! That’s right, you can save yourself almost a dollar; lucky you! So download Staff, get hooked, and purchase Tower — I promise you’ll regret it for all the right reasons! (For you hardcore procrastinators who see this notice weeks after I post it… Staff is free July 31 and August 1, 2021.)

Thank you for your continued support, I hope you enjoy The Wizard’s Tower and join me again with the third Macy Blush Collection novelette coming out in October, An Unembellished Backstory: The Brief Autobiography of Macy Blush!


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The Wizard’s Tower

The unfortunate lovechild of an 80’s romance and a DnD-based LitRPG. A Reddit-approved parody.

Na’amah is just an average, ordinary half-succubus adopted by a warren of kobolds. Through no fault of her own, her heart now belongs to another—Alatar, a distinguished wizard adventurer. Unfortunately, the affection is unrequited. After Alatar’s shocking betrayal, the two find themselves stuck together, working to survive in the depths of an inhospitable dungeon. Will love conquer all, or is Na’amah doomed to a short life and heartbreak?

This is the dramatic conclusion of Na’amah’s love story from The Wizard’s Staff!

  • Soul mates: check
  • Exorbitant cover art: check
  • Unrequited love: check
  • Redemption arc: check
  • An awful “other woman”: check
  • Shameless RPG references: double check
  • Damsel in distress: check
  • Enemies to lovers trope: check
  • Lovelorn heroine: check
  • Magic: check
  • Stuck together trope: check
  • Geeky jokes and puns: triple check
  • Blinding naivety: check
  • Smut: check
  • “It’s the heart that matters” trope: check
  • Unnecessary epilogue sex scene: check
  • A continued disregard of what people want: so many checks