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The Wizard’s Staff: Orally Transmitted Edition

Last month I released The Wizard’s Staff: A Spellbinding Adventure and was blown out of the water with how well it did. One thing that I was asked on multiple occasions was if I could or was planning on making an audible version of the book… well, Dahlia Thomas volunteered her time (and probably sanity) to narrate and edit The Wizard’s Staff, and now it’s available on Audible and Amazon, and will be on Itunes in the next couple days!

The Wizard’s Staff: Orally Transmitted Edition is (US)$6.95 to purchase, and it’s just over 2 hours of corny DnD jokes mashed up with romance novel clichés.

The unfortunate lovechild of an 80’s romance and a DnD-based LitRPG. A Reddit-approved parody.

Na’amah is just an average, ordinary half-succubus adopted by a warren of kobolds. But when she takes a trip to a nearby town, she discovers true love in the form of a distinguished wizard adventurer—Alatar. Life becomes complicated for Na’amah as she tries to get some alone time with the renowned hero, her forbidden fruit.

This spellbinding romance of a succubus and wizard hits all the right spots!

  • Forbidden love: check
  • Horrendous cover art: check
  • Betrayal: check
  • Love triangle: check
  • Different worlds trope: check
  • Ill-placed cliffhanger: check
  • Shameless RPG references: double check
  • Love at first sight kiss: check
  • Badass heroine: check
  • Love interest with a hated profession: check
  • Older man, younger woman: check
  • Magic: check
  • Secret that can ruin everything trope: check
  • Tragic love affair: check
  • Smut: check
  • “I can fix him” trope: check
  • A stunning disregard of what people actually want: triple check


Before I get to the dozen or so links… I have several promotional codes to give away. If you’d like to have one in an exchange for an honest, unbiased review on Audible, Amazon, and Goodreads (if you have an account) let me know by email (author@bsroberts.com) or on Facebook—the first 10 or so requests will get them!


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If you’d rather get it from Amazon, here’s a list marketplaces that it is available:

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And last, but not least—if you just want to read it, it’s free on Kindle Unlimited or 99 (US)cents to download on Amazon:

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