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The Wizard’s Package

The Macy Blush Collection is getting physical with The Wizard’s Package!

Yesterday The Wizard’s Package was dropped, and it’s on fire! This spellbinding anthology includes all the half-succubus Na’amah’s story: the novellas The Wizard’s Staff and The Wizard’s Tower and two brand-new short stories, “The Succubus’s Chest” and “The Succubus’s Pink Pearl”! As some of you may know, the traffic it generated was so great that my website even crashed a couple times!

You can purchase The Wizard’s Package on Amazon as either a paperback book for $9.99 or as an eBook for $2.99 — you can also read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited and in a month or so it will be available as an Audible book, narrated once again by the wonderful Dahlia Thomas. Be sure to get yourself a copy!

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Now for the blurb:

Featured in this spellbinding anthology are the first four works of the Macy Blush Collection, making up all of the half-succubus Na’amah’s story arc. It includes the novelettes The Wizard’s Staff and The Wizard’s Tower, as well as the short stories “The Succubus’s Chest” and “The Succubus’s Pink Pearl.”

You might be thinking, “Phooey, I can just read them online. It’s probably cheaper that way, anyhow! I’m onto you and your capitalistic ways, you conniving author, you.”

Yeah, sure, that may be true, but answer me this… Can you hold it in your hands and love it like a newborn child? No. Handheld electronics don’t count either—they aren’t the same. Completely different taste and feel. If you won’t take my word for it, try it yourself. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Tastes nasty, doesn’t it; the tingles aren’t too pleasant? Paper is far superior. Read Na’amah’s story on paper. Lick the paper. Rejoice.

Need more convincing? Here’s a list of what you’ll be getting into with The Wizard’s Package:

  • Cluttered amateurish cover: check!
  • Romanic misadventures: check!
  • Geeky jokes and puns: double-check!
  • Smut: check!
  • Love and heartbreak: check!
  • Compelling storylines: eh…
  • Crippling self-doubt regarding your life choices: check!
  • Paper: lots of paper! Ink, too!
  • Words: check!
  • Instant gratification of reading “just one more”: check!
  • The irony of this blurb if you read the book online or via Audible: check!
  • A stunning disregard for what people actually want: so many checks!

The Wizard’s Staff: A Spellbinding Romance
Na’amah is just an average, ordinary half-succubus adopted by a warren of kobolds. But when she takes a trip to a nearby town, she discovers true love in the form of a distinguished wizard adventurer—Alatar. Life becomes complicated for Na’amah as she tries to get some alone time with the renowned hero, her forbidden fruit.

The Wizard’s Tower: A Spellblinding Sequel
Through no fault of her own, Na’amah’s heart now belongs to another—Alatar. Unfortunately, the affection is unrequited. After Alatar’s shocking betrayal, the two find themselves stuck together, working to survive in the depths of an inhospitable dungeon. Will love conquer all, or is Na’amah doomed to a short life and heartbreak?

“The Succubus’s Chest”
There’s a locked chest in Na’amah’s room that Alatar has never seen opened and it bothers the hell out of him. While the wizard’s fiancée is out assisting her adoptive family handle invading adventurers, Sir Guy the Good makes a reappearance—and he’s after that heart-shaped box.

“The Succubus’s Pink Pearl”
Let’s face it, you’re here for the RPG smut. Don’t deny it. So let’s get right to it and trim down all that unwanted fat (referred to by some as “plot”) and jump into the intimacy. I hope you’re happy, pervert.