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Quickies With Macy Blush

Macy Blush novella #5 is out today! Yes, you read that correctly: five came out before four, since four (Cantrip Love) is being released on Christmas Eve.

Exciting news!

“What is this nonsense?” you may be asking. “The Macy Blush Collection is enough of a mess already! Why this mix-up in numbers? You’re toeing a line here, B.S. Roberts, you better watch out, or I’m going to come at you with a crowbar!”

Well, before you resort to bloodshed, that’s because this one, Quickies With Macy Blush is what people who are more knowledgable than I call a “reader magnet.” That’s to say, this eBook is FREE if you sign up for my newsletter! (If you’ve already signed up for my newsletter, check your email. You should already have a link sent to you by BookFunnel)

So if you want this, CLICK HERE and sign up. Only your email is required. You’ll very rarely ever get more than two emails a month from me.

Alternatively, if you want to own this little horror as a paperback, you can do that too — but that option ain’t free; it is a solid $4.99. Paper costs money, you know. CLICK HERE to be directed to its Amazon page!

And now, the blurb…

This book is a shameless reader magnet. But hey, it’s free.

D&D action, comedy, and smut!

Collected for the first time together is an array of works by Faerûn and Reddit’s most renowned romance author: Macy Blush. The eclectic anthology of short stories includes fiction, non-fiction, romance, adventure, and—of course—smut. Available to only Macy’s most devoted fans (and anybody else willing to sign up for her ghostwriter’s newsletter), Quickies includes five titillating tales:

  • Paranormal Romance
  • The March of the NPCs
  • Lillianna Bones
  • The Wizard’s Jewels
  • A Maiden and Her Hero.

Content warning: mild smut, language, cringiness, graphic fantasy violence.

Stay safe, healthy, and warm!