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Publication Updates & Announcements

Happy spring everybody, I hope you are all staying safe and well during the pandemic!

I couldn’t help myself. When you’ve gotta frolic, you’ve gotta frolic!

Because of said pandemic, I have some updates on various upcoming projects – some of which have had their publication dates pushed back while others are going as planned. Without further ado, here are those updates!


The first novella of a new fantasy series has had its publication date pushed back one to three months. The original slated date was in July, so now it will fall somewhere between August and October. I’ll give you more updates on this as soon as plans become more concrete.

 “A Matter of Time”

This short story is going to be included in the Haunted MTL’s first anthology 101 Proof Horror. Due to the coronavirus, its publication date has been pushed back. While there is currently no new release date, the project is going forward as planned. I’ll update you on the anthology as soon as I am!

“Destroying the Evidence”

This microfiction will be released in print in From the Depths literary magazine. The publication date is sometime in the fourth quarter, usually November based on past issues, and at this time is going forward as planned.


This 43-line poem has been picked up by the annual Alchemy Literary Magazine to be released in print (and possibly online) on June 1st. When published, I will provide a link to the magazine’s sale page.

ANNOUNCING “The Bruising Light”

This 16-line poem has been picked up by the Closed Eye Open literary magazine’s debut issue to be included in the “Maya’s Micros” section. The Bruising Light will be published some time in June this year. I’ll be sure to let you know when it becomes accessible!   

Gnats sequels

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve already started working on the immediate sequels for Gnats. Of those, the second novella, Sinkhole, has nearly completed its beta stage and I am editing it into the manuscript form to submit to my publisher. And finally, I’m nearly done with the alpha draft of Novella 3, Colorblind. So, pending further complications, you can expect to see those books coming out not much later than Gnats!

I believe that does it for now; so, put on your plague doctor masks and enjoy the spring!