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Preparing Sacrificial Offerings…

The first post of this website, I am still getting everything put together. If you are reading this close to it’s release date… how? No really, I’m befuddled: how? I doubt even I could stumble onto this page so quickly and I’m building it! So stay tuned, more is coming: short stories, original artwork, and links to published works nonfiction and fiction (well, I hope.) Knowing how the gods of technology like me, however, be prepared for some blips; I still haven’t found the preferred sacrifices to appease them.

Trial and error. It’s always trial and error.

So thanks for stopping by in the construction stage of this website, you strange individual, you. Come back when it looks more real, I’ll be here!

Well, I won’t. I don’t live on this site. You get it though. You have a brain.

Carry on.