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October 2020 Updates

Hi everybody!

Here’s an update on various projects that I’m working on:

Allodasos Novella Series

The first novella of Allodasos, Gnats, is on its third edit through the house. With luck, it’ll be published as an e-book by the end of the year. The manuscript of the second book, Sinkhole, has been sent to the house to begin edits, and the third book’s alpha draft has been completed and is going through readings and preliminary edits with my amazing critique partners. I’ve also reached the halfway point for the fourth novella, but I’ve put it on the back burner for now in case I need to change any elements based on the formal edits of the first several novellas. Right now, I’m aiming at having the alpha draft done by the end of December.

The Wizard’s Staff

Because I’ve momentarily stepped back from writing Allodasos book 4, I’m working on a quick and goofy novelette called The Wizard’s Staff. This piece is a satire/comedy merging a Dungeons & Dragons setting with the sappiness of an 80s romance novel; for all intents and purposes, it’s in the LitRPG subgenre with an unhealthy dose of love at first sight and kobolds. Because of the nature of this story, I don’t intend to process it through a publishing house, instead, after it goes through several rounds of edits and critiques, it’ll be made available on Kindle Unlimited. I’m halfway through writing The Wizard’s Staff’s alpha draft and I intend to have it self-published in January 2021, February at the latest.

Short Stories

I still have three short stories in the works to be published in various literary magazines over the next couple of months. “Reach for the Stars” will be released in an experimental online journal called Volume Stories in December as part of its debut; “Destroying the Evidence” is going to be a part of the 18th volume of From the Depths literary magazine, to be released by the end of this year; and “Here, at the End” is planned to be in the debut of To Write Your Name literary journal, slated for early 2021.


My 39-line poem “Joining Adhemar” is to be released in SHIFT: A Journal of Literary Oddities volume 3 later this year or early 2021.

Critiquing Service

Finally, one last bit of self-promotion. Over the past week, I’ve become a freelance professional critiquer for fiction and non-fiction on the website Critique Match. If you have a story, article, or synopsis that you’re ready to have looked at with a fresh eye and different perspective, my rates are on the lower end of the freelancers and I’ve had 210+ critiques that I’ve already completed on the platform with 5-star reviews. Check me out with the link below, there’s even documents showcasing my critique/edit style!

I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween; stay safe!