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New Flash Fiction

Hi everybody—just letting you know that my flash fiction piece “Modern Dating” has just been released in issue 11 of the LEON Literary Review! The online publication is free to read, so be sure to hit it up and check out the other excellent pieces that are featured as well!

Click here to go to issue 11 of LEON Literary Review, or;
Click here to go directly to “Modern Dating”

Also a quick update on the third Allodasos novella, Colorblind—it was initially slated for release on December 8, but because of life getting in the way, the editing is taking longer than anticipated. Currently, it’s been reset for publication on 7 January 2022, but if it’s done before then, it’ll be released sooner. You can still preorder it by clicking here though!

Oh, and the fourth Macy Blush novelette, Cantrip Love, is still coming out on Christmas Eve, you can preorder the eBook by clicking here. Right now it’s only 99cents, but once it’s released it’ll be going up to it’s permanent price of$1.49.

I think that’s all for now,
Stay safe and warm!

P.S. If you’ve read any of my novellas available on Amazon, please consider giving them a rating and/or review! Thanks for your support!