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Kindle Vella has launched!

Hi everybody! In case you missed it, last week Amazon launched it’s Kindle Vella platform. Vella is an episodic reading site where you purchase tokens to use to unlock new episodes…think short chapters. The first three episodes are completely free, so you can determine if you want to keep reading without risk. To sweeten the deal, if you go to Vella right now, you can get 200 tokens for free! That said, with the release of Vella comes two of my stories: Plot Points and Arthame!

PLOT POINTS is actually the first “good” novel I wrote and was one giant learning experience into writing literature. Even though it was quite rough, I had dozens of beta readers who loved the characters and world… so, instead of letting it gather dust, I’ve instead reworked and edited it, now you can read it on Vella, with a new episode released every Thursday!

En Route to the city and new job, Jacob Fero finds himself on the border of a storybook kingdom of a fantasy world filled with monsters, heroes, and (of course) an evil lord bent on conquering it all. Suddenly grouped with an ensemble of unlikely allies, he does what any self-labeling geek would do—he calls himself a wizard. He certainly doesn’t have the brawn or skill to be anything else! Will Jacob be able to maneuver his story’s plot points and get home, or will the cliches kill him first?

ARTHAME is a standalone story that takes place in the world of my Allodasos series. It features a whole new cast of characters who may or may not meet Eva and Kladi later in the series. You don’t need to have read Gnats to read this story, but their stories do impact each other and further flesh out the universe. Just like Plot Points, there will be new episodes of Arthame will release on Vella most Thursdays!

When their car breaks down, Ashley Miller and Nicole Boucheron are stranded in a New England bog near a colonial-style manor. Curiosity draws them in, and they find creatures that shouldn’t exist, dark miasma desecrating Earth’s natural order, and the Lord and Mistress who rule over it all: Aldebrand and Isa. As Ashley and Nicole explore the manor, they discover their fates have always been shackled to magic, and freedom may cost more than they’re able to pay.

And a reminder…

The sequel to The Wizard’s Staff is less than two weeks away, so PREPURCHASE THE WIZARD’S TOWER NOW, it’s only 99 cents; I promise you’ll regret it for all the right reasons!


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