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Joining Adhemar

Volume three of MTSU’s SHIFT magazine has been released, and it includes my 39-line historical poem, “Joining Adhemar!” SHIFT can be purchased for $12, simply click here to be directed to the download.

And a gentle reminder, Allodasos 1: Gnats is available for purchase as an Ebook AND physically as a paperback. Click here to be directed to its amazon page.

Also, next week, my LitRPG-Romance comedy novelette The Wizard’s Staff (story one of The Macy Blush Collection) is going to be released on Amazon. It’s due to be published on the 20th, but you can preorder it by clicking here.

As always, thanks for your support!


P.S. Remember, if you read Gnats, leave a rating and/or review so others can find my work and give it a chance as well!