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Gnats has been released!

Guess what? Allodasos 1: Gnats has been officially published!

If you preordered it, you should now have access to it through your kindle account, if not, you can purchase it for $2.99 immediately or read it on Kindle Unlimited for free!

A quick request: hundreds of e-books are released every day and even the best novels are lost in the flood. If you read Gnats—please, please, please—consider rating it and/or leaving a review on Amazon and (if you have it) Goodreads. Other readers are much more likely to pass by a book without any ratings to select one that has been reviewed at least once. The larger the number of reviews Gnats has; the more people will see it.

One last thing—be sure to check out my various news feeds tomorrow, I’m going to be releasing the cover art for Allodasos 3: Colorblind!

Stay safe and well everybody,


There’s magic in the world; you just need to know how to find it.

In the immediate hours after her divorce, Eva drives to the one location where comfort resides—the place of her childhood home to find her old safe space. Emotionally wrecked, she stumbles into a world of magic that had always existed parallel to her own. Now, with the companionship of a dryad, she must fight monsters she believed to be myth, as well as a crazed wizard bent on exploiting the energies of Allodasos—the magical realm of the fae. Gnats is a contemporary fantasy with a F/F romance subplot.

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