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Gnats & Destroying the Evidence

It’s time for the big news that I’ve been hinting at! But first, just to delay it a tad longer, I’ll give you another update…

My micro-fiction short story “Destroying the Evidence” is going to be featured in the Penny Fiction section of the 18th annual literary journal From the Depths, published by the Haunted Waters Press! In addition to this, “Destroying the Evidence” will be included in the Penny Fiction Poster Collection. The proposed release date for this volume is autumn of this year!

And now for the big announcement….

My novella Gnats has been picked up by the DLG Publishing Partners!

This fantasy story is intended to be the first of a series of novellas and short stories, following the main character, Eva, as she discovers a magical world filled with mythological monsters, wizards, and nymphs.

Here’s a brief summary for you:

In the immediate hours after her divorce, Eva drove to the site of her childhood home to find her old safe place. Emotionally wrecked, she was unprepared to stumble into a world of magic that had always existed parallel to her own. Now, with the companionship of a dryad, she must fight monsters that she always believed to be myth, as well as a crazed wizard bent on exploiting the energies of Allodasos, the magical realm of the fae.

Gnats is tentatively slated for a release date of 8 July 2020. Because of its length, it is going to be distributed as an e-book. In the future, as I write more installments for the series (the second novella’s alpha draft has already been completed), there is a greater chance that they will be printed as an omnibus. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come, including cover art!

So you can get an idea of the writing style and narrative, I’ve also uploaded one of the short stories of the series, here, on this website. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to sharing more details with you in the weeks to come!