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End of June Updates

I have several short announcements for the end of the month…

First and foremost — I have a new publication!

Some feuds are destined to last until the end of the world.

My short Story “The Final Battle of the Third Sphere” has been included in the third issue of The Common Tongue: Dark Fantasy Magazine! By clicking here, you’ll be led to some options to order the journal as either a physical copy or an ebook. Or, you can wait a bit and read it for free in August when it becomes available to the general public (click here to go to the page where it’ll be available).  While “Battle of the Third Sphere” is a standalone story, it does take place in the Allodasos universe (in ancient history to be precise), making this the second Allodasos story to be officially published.

What about the other Allodasos stories? They’re coming! Sinkhole is almost finished being edited and the alpha draft of book 4 has been completed! Then there’s Arthame; right now it appears Amazon Vella will be opening to readers mid to late July, when it launches there will be at least 5 “episodes” available.

How about them cringy Macy Blush books? Those, too, are going full steam! The Wizard’s Tower will be releasing in exactly one month, like hundreds of other people, you can preorder it now (and Dahlia has already started recording the narration of the novella for the Audible edition)! You can also preorder the third book, An Unembellished Backstory: The Brief Autobiography of Macy Blush (October 2021), and even the fourth — Cantrip Love: An Amorous Adventure (December 2021). Also coming soon is The Wizard’s Package anthology (August 2021), a physical print of the Wizard’s Staff and Wizard’s Tower; because of the way Amazon is set up, there’s no preorder for it, but it’ll be available on August 31, 2021.

Is there anything else new? Oh yeah, an announcement for another future publication! My (very weird) flash fiction “Modern Dating” has been picked up by LEON: Literary Review to be included in the magazine later this year — more info to come as I get it.

Okay, I think that’s everything now except for two quick reminders:

  1. If you’ve read anything of mine, be sure to rate/review it on Amazon and Goodreads (if you have an account) — the more ratings I have, the more visible I am to other readers! You’ve supported me once my reading my work, you can do it again by rating it!
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Until next time,