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“Arthame” and other updates

Happy April everybody!

I don’t have any huge proclamations for this month, but I do have some updates for you all including the announcement of a new project.

First, The Wizard’s Staff is still going strong, it’s waned down in the last couple of weeks but is still getting pretty consistent numbers, and that’s amazing! The “Orally Transmitted Edition” of the book has also been completed and submitted to Audible’s QC—hopefully in the next couple weeks it will be released and you’ll be able to listen to the cringe instead of reading it! If you haven’t read it yet and are finally willing to conform, here’s the link to its Amazon page, its free on KU or 99cents to purchase.

Second, The Wizard’s Tower, the direct sequel to Wizard’s Staff and the second book of the Macy Blush Collection is just about done with its alpha draft. At the time of writing this I only have about 10 more pages to write, so it’s ahead of schedule! You can preorder it here for only 99 cents!

Third, Next month, my poem “Farrow” will be released in the 4th issue of The Dillydoun Review—more information to come.

And fourth, last but not least—here’s the first time that I’m bringing up my newest project, so drum roll… Amazon is launching a new book service called Vella. Similar to apps such as Wattpad, this platform releases “episodes” (essentially chapters or parts) on a schedule set by the authors. I’m currently working on a new piece for Vella called Arthame, a dark fantasy/horror romance set in the Allodasos universe. Each episode is going to be between 500 and 1000 words (roughly 1-2 pages) and will be uploaded every week (the first 10 or so will all drop together when it’s released). Here’s the tentative blurb and cover!

College friends Ashley Miller and Nicole Boucheron are stranded in the middle of a New England swamp after Nicole’s car breaks down. Resigned to walking to the nearest town, they instead find themselves in front of a colonial-style manor tucked away in the mire. Curiosity pulls the women to the doorstep and they find themselves in the company of creatures that shouldn’t exist, dark miasma desecrating Earth’s natural order, and the Lord and Mistress who rule over it all—Aldebrand and Isa. The idea of free will unravels as Ashley and Nicole explore the manor, discovering that magic had always shackled their fate, and the price of freedom may be more than they’re able to pay.

You’ll be hearing more about this project in the future, including the release date of the first 10 chapters—hopefully your as excited as I am for Arthame!

And that’s it for this post,

Stay safe and healthy!


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