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Allodasos 1: Gnats

I’ve got some news to share to you about Gnats!

While I still do not have a new release date since the pandemic delayed the initial date for last month, I do now have the cover to show you! So, drumroll…

You may have noticed that the title is wedged between two additional lines: “Allodasos” and “Book 1”… that’s right, the full series has been picked up by DLG – that’s a total of ten novellas!

The next two after Gnats have been written and are going through beta readers and critique partners right now, and I’ve just hit the halfway mark in writing book 4.

I also have a slew of short stories based in the world and featuring side characters that will be released as freebies between the novellas. The first of these shorts was released several months ago on my website, “Eva’s Exposition.” You can read it by clicking here!

Hopefully, I will soon be able to get you a release date for Gnats. Until then, I hope this sates your appetite – especially for the ARC readers who have expressed their eagerness to download the final version of the book.

I hope you all stay well and enjoy your August!