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A Bunch of Harks! Updates Galore!

I’ve got several pieces of news for you today. Let’s start with the most immediate… My flash fiction “First Contact” is now live on 101words.org. Essentially this brief fiction (101 words in case you missed the publisher’s name) describes a botched first contact mission to another world. Click here to read it! It’s pretty good if I say so myself. And free, so even better!

Next in line was announced yesterday, but I’m posting two days in a row (a rarity!) so I don’t want the information to get lost. CritiqueMatch has uploaded a text interview with me on their resource blog as the first of their “Pro-Critiquer Interview Series.” If you’re on the fence about having your own work looked at, click here and check it out, maybe it’ll help you decide!

Hark #3: Several days ago, I released an ARC of my novelette “The Wizard’s Staff” into the wilds of Reddit. The DnD Subreddit to be exact. Because I’ve made it available to comment on in Google Docs until the 28th of this month, I’ve decided to let anybody else who reads my blog and/or newsletter have a jab at it! In case you missed my announcement several months ago, this is an 80-page novelette parodying/spoofing both cheesy 80s romance novels and Dungeon and Dragons campaigns. The blurb for the story is at the end of this update. If you do decide to act as an ARC reader, please let me know so I can credit you in the acknowledgements and, when its released at the end of March on Amazon, I can send you a link so you can leave a rating a review! Click here to read it!

Lastly (I think?), here’s several reminders. First—if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter! When you do, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to access an exclusive short story based in my story world of Allodasos. Which leads me to… Allodasos 1: Gnats is coming out on the 17th this month as an e-book! By clicking here, you can preorder a copy! Just like Wizard’s Staff, I’ll leave you a blurb after this update.

Thank you everybody for your support!

Stay safe and well,


Allodasos 1: Gnats

There’s magic in the world; you just need to know how to find it.

In the immediate hours after her divorce, Eva drives to the one location where comfort resides—the place of her childhood home to find her old safe space. Emotionally wrecked, she stumbles into a world of magic that had always existed parallel to her own. Now, with the companionship of a dryad, she must fight monsters she believed to be myth, as well as a crazed wizard bent on exploiting the energies of Allodasos—the magical realm of the fae. Gnats is a Contemporary Fantasy with a F/F Romance subplot.

The Wizard’s Staff

Na’amah is just an average, ordinary half-succubus adopted by a warren of kobolds. But when she takes a trip to a nearby town, she discovers true love in the form of a distinguished wizard adventurer—Alatar. Life becomes complicated for Na’amah as she tries to get some alone time with the renowned hero, her forbidden fruit.

This spellbinding romance of a succubus and wizard hits all the right spots!

  • Forbidden love: check
  • Horrendous cover art: check
  • Love triangle: check
  • Betrayal: check
  • Different worlds trope: check
  • Shameless RPG references: double check
  • Love at first sight kiss: check
  • Badass heroine: check
  • Love interest with a hated profession: check
  • Older man, younger woman: check
  • Magic: check
  • Secret that can ruin everything trope: check
  • Tragic love affair: check
  • Workplace romance: check
  • Smut: check
  • “I can fix him” trope: check
  • A stunning disregard of what people actually want: triple check

And here are a couple responses I’ve received about it so far from other ARC readers:

“I can’t tell if this is the best thing I’ve ever read or the worst. Time has lost all meaning. Send help. Not gonna lie it’s self aware enough that this is actually really amusing and entertaining, actually, I really like it.

Reddit u/Cwest5538

“Actually laughed out loud. This is so sleazy it’s actually gone the whole circle and is OK to read. :)”

Reddit u/nkrgovic

“This book was like heavily-purified metagaming, AND I LOVE IT! It features every cliche there is, is full of jokes, made me laugh out loud multiple times, and made me want to read it again, something I can’t say for most novellas. Thank you so much, and I look forward to reading the next in the series!”

Reddit u/Flightguy07